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offer Made4eyebrow The natural eyebrow filler + Made4beauty Touch-up pen

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offer Made4eyebrow The natural eyebrow filler + Made4beauty Touch-up pen

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Product Details

offer Made4eyebrow The natural eyebrow filler choice of 4 different colors +

Made4beauty Touch-up pen choice of 2 different colors.



This unique eyebrow powder is made on the basis of pigmented fibers, which provide more volume

and filling the eyebrow. The color pigment provides 24-hour coverage and is waterproof.

That is to say no pencil or powder streaks.

No stains

No unnatural appearance.

No holes in the eyebrow



  • • Unique pigment / fiber formula
    • Is Semi-Permanent
    • Easy to apply yourself
    • Covers gray hair
    • Splash and sweat resistant
    • Natural effect
    • Perfect for shaping the eyebrows
    • Perfect for filling in bald spots in your eyebrows
    • Perfect for making your brows fuller
    • Perfect for lengthening your eyebrows
    • Economical in use.
    • can also be used to cover your outgrowth
    • can be applied more than 350 times
    • Shelf life - 12 months after opening


It can happen that the powder becomes very compact, this is because the applicator ( the application stick) stamps the fibers down.

Should this happen, you can hold the bottle upside down and knock the powder loose by tapping on something, you can also loosen the powder with the stick supplied. Insert the stick into the bottle until you feel the bottom and turn the stick around until the powder loosens.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend shaking the bottle well before use!


Go over the eyebrow with the applicator and work from the inside out and back again to provide the eyebrow with the fibers and color.

Start with the flat side of the applicator and to pull the end you can turn the applicator so you can work with the tip.

If desired, you can brush the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.

You can use a milk or a tonic to clean the eyebrows.

We hope you enjoy using Made4eyebrow!

Made4eyebrow is available in seven beautiful colors

Blonde / medium brown / dark gray / dark brown / ash blonde / gray and red brown


The many functions of the made4beauty Touch-up pen

Is it concealer?
Strange but true: the made4beauty Touch-up pen is not
concealer. You may - like everyone else - use the sheer texture and soft brush to combat puffiness and dark circles in the morning, but it is not a concealer. Is it a highlighter then?

Or a highlighter?
What about a highlighter? Also not. “Made4beauty Touch-up pen” is more than a highlighter or a concealer ”. The stick spreads a magical light to enhance the features and contours of the face and to cover up signs of fatigue and shadows.”
A combination of a concealer and a highlighter, but not officially.

Use as a primer
The official job description of made4beauty Touch-up pen may be vague, but the unofficial uses are endless. Concealer, highlighter or as a primer to make your eyeshadow last longer. A thin layer on your lips also extends the shelf life of your lipstick.

Lift your eyebrows
No easier way to lift and line your eyebrows by adding a dot below the highest point of your eyebrow and just above it.

Makes your makeup matte
Make your shiny eyeshadow matte by mixing a dot of made4beauty Touch-up pen on your hand with a fine powder eyeshadow. Apply your new matte eyeshadow to your eyelid with a brush.

Fake a waking look
Dot the inner corners of the eyes with the brush and dab into the skin with your finger. This enhances the whites of your eyes and gives you an instant fresh look.

Hide laugh lines
Does the line between your nostril and the corner of your mouth cast a tired shadow on your face? Then brighten that zone with a line made4beauty Touch-up pen and push the fold forward optically so that the skin appears smoother.

Contour your face
We know, an overly contoured face is a thing of the past. But by applying a subtle layer of made4beauty Touch-up pen on the bridge of your nose, between the eyebrows, on the top of your cheekbones and on your chin, you give structure to your face in a natural way and your facial features are refined.



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